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5G Americas President Talks on Satellite and Terrestrial Mix

There have been talks regarding the 5G Communication environment and the role that the satellites will play. In the satellite industry, the major challenge all over the world includes the 5G communication environment. The satellite industry is looking forward to blending with the terrestrial players to deliver better results in comparison to past projects. In a recent interview, there was a talk from Via Satellite to 5G Americas president, Chris Pearson. 5G Americas is an industry organization that deals with telecommunications service providence and manufacturing. Also, the organization advocates for LTE wireless technologies. Not to mention the grand evolution to 5G.

Chris Pearson went ahead to talk about the global 5G evolution and the role that the satellite play will play in this grand history evolvement. He also went ahead to highlight why it is important to evolve in the digital era. Chris talked about how the COVID-19 pandemic became a bitter lesson to many experts. These details follow after the many changes in both the business world and the education sector. Last year, different businesses and schools started functioning remotely, which lead to a connectivity crisis. From the results, it is clear that connectivity is one of the fundamental digital functions that society needs.

VIA satellite went ahead to ask if the 2020 impact on global history will either accelerate or slow down the 5G evolvement considering the need for connectivity? Pearson explained how the pandemic brought challenges in different fields. This fact brought about the robust deployment of the 5G technologies. He went ahead to highlight how important connectivity is during these hard times. And how the connections of 5G all over the world have risen to 229 million.

The next question revolved around the role the satellite industry can play in the deployment of the 5G communication services. Chris responded that the satellite industry could play a role in the 5G communication. But, significantly, it’s something that only the future can tell. On the same, VIA satellite asked about the c-band situation and their view on the matter. Pearson’s response was positive, highlighting how different fields were impacted positively on the c-band spectrum project.

In regards to the COVID-19 pandemic issues, Chris stated that the wireless industry didn’t experience a lot of challenges. Also, the wireless industry was certain to provide the best services for people during tough times. However, there were cases of delays and uncertainties in different areas.

There was a question regarding the future of the 5G communication and the challenges they are expecting to experience. Chris Pearson responded confidently on the issues with the claim that the 5G evolvement will happen over the years. However, he was sure of some challenges at the economic, structural, and societal levels.